Fighting Apathy

The whole time I was traveling, I acted in dire need of information and knowledge, always exploring, always discovering.

But I’m down in Virginia now, and it’s hard to find the novel, dire, and needy. Now that I have such comfort, I’m settling in. And down in my heart, it leaves me needing so much more.

I’m hoping that when I go back to Philly I can find a proper outlet for the passion that inspired me in Palestine. I know that I was passionate last school year, and there were people doing some amazing things there.

America’s role in the world’s suffering is absolutely undeniable. But its going to take a revolution, and nothing short of it, to demilitarize America, bring the soldiers home, and teach people how to live with love.


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One response to “Fighting Apathy

  1. D Graber

    Matt… I too trust that you will continue with your passion for helping others. It is an awful prideful element for me to see. Life is a long, hard journey, not always providing the positive reinforcement we inherently and unconsciously seek. You have been privileged to see what most of us here stateside just find it hard to imagine… that is the goodness and graciousness in others who struggle so, so much more than us. Keep on trucking; you are acquiring all the tools to help so many people in our future… and knowing your heart, you will…

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