Philadelphia in Mourning (Mourning in Philadelphia)

I was contemplating sending this out to friends and family as an e-mail.  But I’ve moved from being angry to being sad.  Thus, rather than externalizing the need for change, I’ve internalized it.  It’s a lonely process, but I realize that many people whom I consider friends choose ignorance over knowing for the convenience of their own lives.  Thus, I figure this will be an easier way for some to ignore the truth.  Not so in-your-face.
On facebook today, a friend wrote “It’s quiet this morning in Philadelphia… I wonder why…” in reference to the loss of the Phillies to the Braves and the end of their baseball season.  Ok, its sad.  No more baseball.

Yesterday, there was other news as well. released a trove of almost 400,000 formerly-classified US military documents to the public detailing events in Iraq since the start of the US war there in 2003.  These documents detail the circumstances surrounding the killings of nearly 100,000 people, including US and international military forces, Iraqi military and security forces, and Iraqi civilians.

A number of the websites which I frequent have incredibly intriguing stories coming to light within these war documents.  Al Jazeera News has at least 8 different stories coming out of these documents.  Mother Jones has a story about Iranian surveillance and intervention in Iraq.

So.  What do you think of this?  Will you not lift another finger?  Will you go to the wikileaks website and find out what’s going on?  Honestly, if you have 5 minutes, I’d recommend going to al Jazeera and reading the headlines.  If you have half an hour, I’d recommend al Jazeera and maybe Mother Jones.  And if you have a couple hours to educate yourself about what the US military is doing and has gotten done to them in Iraq, then I’d recommend browsing through the wikileaks website.

Honestly, when I was in Palestine, I saw first-hand footage of Iraqi “freedom fighters” killing NATO troops.  And I still think about that constantly.  THIS was the form that hope took for the majority of Iraqis and Arabs in the region.  Can we do anything else to provide hope to these people that the war WILL END?  I’m going to look up organizations involved there, and I’m still yearning to get back to the middle east.

Why?  Because there, they mourn their dead.  Here, nobody mourns even our own soldiers.  We just mourn for the baseball team.


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  1. christine

    i like the way u put it

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